Judge Allows Third Degree Murder Charge to be Leveled Against Derek Chauvin

The closely anticipated court proceeding of Derek Chauvin has taken a new twist. This is in light of the judge’s decision to allow a third-degree charge against the officer who is said to have killed George Floyd to stand. The decision was triggered by the decision of the prosecution team to oppose the earlier decision to remove the charge.

Something Else set the Precedence

Considering the earlier decision to remove the third-degree charge from the list of what Derek is accused of, the decision to reinstate it was only made possible because of precedence set by the trial of another police officer – Mohamed Noor.

Despite the relentless effort of Derek’s attorney to nullify the chances of including the charge, he had to succumb as a result of how the legal system had allowed the charge to be leveled against Mohamed.

Jury Selection Continues

Even though the prosecution and defense team do not see eye to eye on the addition of the 3rd murder charge, jury selection has continued.

The selection of the jury is a very stressful one considering the procedures and the time frame. It was reported that the selection process should take around 2 to 3 weeks. A news reporter was recorded as saying “the judicial system cannot afford to take the jury selection the usual way in this situation. This is especially given the peculiarity of this case that has a racial undertone. For instance, it will interest you to know that some mainstream media are asking questions bothering on how many African Americans will be on the jury team”.

In light of these statements and many more, the Minnesota judicial system is well aware that the world is watching and cannot afford to be careless. This is especially if the family of George Floyd is on the receiving end.

In fact, the complication has started considering that only one member of the Floyd family will be allowed inside the courtroom.

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